EasyTime is a European company headquartered in Denmark

EasyTime develops and sells smart solutions when it comes to recording time, machine hours, product usage, material management, quality assurance and driving registrations.

The EasyTime company was established back in 2000 and thus has a long experience in creating smart solutions that can be used both on the PC and on the mobile. The latest mobile apps are “real” applications running on smartphones through Android and iPhones as well as tablets

Who uses EasyTime?
One of the basic reasons behind EasyTime is that the system is designed so that you do not have to pay for features that you do not need.

This means that EasyTime is currently used in a wide variety of industries with very different needs. If, at some point, the company needs to expand or take on new types of tasks, then you do not need to find a new tool at the same time. Then you add only one feature in EasyTime.

Adaptation to the market
The flexible module structure means that EasyTime is currently used in a wide variety of industries and collaborates today with, among other things, construction sector and is used by more than 15 municipalities and over 20 industries with thousands of users in particular the construction and services sectors.

The advantage for you as a customer is that the system is tested by many others and therefore has a high level of user-friendliness and functionality.

At EasyTime we have always emphasized close relationships with both customers and employees. We have our own developers employed here in Denmark to quickly adapt our solutions to the market.

Through our EasyTime partners, you always get in touch with a support in your own language.