Time Tracking made easy and mobile

Time Tracking

With EasyTime’s Time Tracking feature, you’ll get rid of the need of curled worksheets and have to deliver them to the office. With a few clicks on the phone, recording workhours is done directly on the mobile or the computer.

Most people already know the situation well: You have just finished a long day and now you have to hurry home. But before you do, you have to remember to register today’s hours correctly and also preferably on the right projects. But as you are busy, today’s workhours will quickly be scratched on a sheet of paper.
Next day, you maybe can’t find the worksheet and your time records will be incorrect.

Benefits of moving the time registration to the mobile phone

  • You avoid that you or your employees must remember to submit hourly notes at the office.
  • Hours spent on different tasks are easier to register immediately and correctly on the appropriate project.
  • You have a current overview of the time spent on a given case.

With the time module on the mobile, people in the field will get rid of the “old-fashioned” worksheet in paper form. Instead, they get an easy and fast electronic workbook. They simply log-in, find the given case/project and enter their time. The registration will be online and ready immediately for approval. They will not have to drive to the office with their worksheets.

Collective agreements

EasyTime has experience since 2000 setting up agreements and local agreements. Also called Normal Time. Our consultants have a solid and thorough knowledge of how agreements are set up. They have the business understanding to ensure that all the rules and interpretations of the agreements are adhered to and that there is a proper salary on time.

EasyTime has the most flexible agreement system. We make a lot of effort to set up EasyTime so that the employee via tablet or phone gets answers to all the questions that may affect their salary. Therefore, handwritten notes are over.

EasyTime supports all common agreements and handles it seamlessly when setting up local agreements and individual interpretations of the agreements in the individual company.

EasyTime can be set up to ask employees why they are late, late, late or late.The employee can continuously see balances on holidays, holidays, walks, etc.

EasyTime can be set up to exactly what is needed in your business.

”The people work for several foremen, so the worksheets would fluctuate between foremen. We save 70% of administrative time. The foremen do not have to keep track of a lot of worksheets and now have better time for other tasks”

Responsible for bookkeeping, Vils Entreprenør A/S

”Our 160 employees work in teams. The new system gives fewer errors and greater transparency – and better statistics”

CEO Uffe Just Pedersen, Hovedstadens Bygningsentreprise A/S

”It has been a continuous saving of approx. 135.000 euro after EasyTime was introduced – every year”.

Department Manager, Lars Ole Rugtved, Kaj Bech A/S, Holstebro

”From 20 to over 160 employees today. Driving routes make registration even easier – The administration creates the route, so it can be selected by the employee with just one click”

Department Manager, Line Sjørup Hansen, Carsten Sørensen A/S

”Quality assurance is part of the daily work with drawings of routes and delimitations with schools and institutions, so the people are never in doubt where the boundary are”

Department Manager, Robert Meisner, Sorø Kommune

”After a major survey, we found EasyTime as the most user-friendly system that could also be integrated into all municipal systems”

IT Manager, Michael Leo Olin, Rødovre Kommune

”Easy Time Recording – our Workers finds it very easy to report hours used on projects over the mobile phone, it works perfectly”

Accountant, Kira Ludvigsen, Bo Michelsen

”We are generally happy with EasyTime because it’s easy to use for everyone. And because Golf activities have been put in advance”

Jan Hübschmann, Greenkeeperchef, Ribe Golfklub