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Benefits for employees

  • No longer need to drive past the office with the timesheet

  • Overview of time spent as well as holiday and leisure balances

  • Quickly create km accounting and product consumption

  • Ability to document your own work with photos yourself

  • View the scheduled tasks on the phone. If you run out of tasks then choose from the pool of jobs

  • HR-Phone Book with Categories of skils

Benefits for the company

  • Better overview of all current projects

  • Don’t waste time having to thin curly time sheets on paper

  • Always keep track of km accounting and consumption of goods as well as machine time

  • Upload photos and documents to the project so everyone in the field can see them

  • Plan and get a graphical overview of all tasks to be performed

  • HR-Phono Book with Categories of skils and expiration date of ex. Certificate

The market's most complete system of integrated modules

Access the market's most complete system of integrative features. You only pay for the number of EasyTime's many features that you choose to use. The EasyTime system consists of a wide variety of functions that can be easily integrated with each other

Easy and fast registration of time, diets, KM and consumption of goods

With a few taps on the mobile, time registration takes place directly on the mobile or computer.

No paperwork

Avoid you or your employees having to remember to hand in timesheets at the office.

Overview of the projects

You always have a current overview of the time spent on a given case.

It has never been easier to plan the tasks for the crew

You get an overview of which employees are on the tasks at the moment.

Full utilization of manpower resources

Find available employees for tasks in a graphic "Gantt" overview

Keep track of all processes and status

The project shows all documents, drawings, pictures and notes on the case - See how far the man is with the task.

Division of reports to customers and to internal needs

Generate quality assurance reports for the case through templates that make it easy.

Setup and review of checkpoints

Rejected checkpoints are automatically included in the Internal report for follow-up as well as other customer reports of checkpoints

Add GPS position and photos directly from your mobile

Attach photos taken with the mobile, and GPS position is added to recordings.

EasyTime is used in more than 20 different industries

Common to all of them is that they have discovered the benefit of bringing together multiple administrative tasks around project management such as timesheets, time registration, consumption of goods, driving registration and so on in one unit.

It is solved with EasyTime’s flexible set-up, so EasyTime can be customized exactly to your needs in your industry.

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