Something for all situations

About os – is about what Time Tracking Software is nowadays?

Our team build the most complete system of integrating features. And you pay only for the number of “EasyTime” many features that you choose to make use of for example Planning and more.

The EasyTime system consists of a wide variety of features that can easily be integrated with economic systems. That way you’ll just get the all-in-one solution that’s tailored to your needs.

Easy Time is Not only Time Tracking

Entrepreneurs, consultants, even doctors bill their clients based on hours working. Managing this process accurately requires more than a clock. EasyTime also has Quality Management, Equipment Management and service, in order to verify work and Equipment in a variety of situations.

Furthermore, Gantt Planning is a must if you are more than 10 employees in your Company.

Approval view to gives Project Managers better oversight into how time is spent and to compare to the Planning.

Although time tracking etc. in EasyTime, will make your human resources (HR) management, billing, and production monitoring easier and more automated.